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Current Experience

Lead Instructor

HighTechU - University of Victoria

I create teaching material that reflects the needs of the course and the program. I teach students how to work effectively in a team and how to successfully complete a project. I help students learn about web development (CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and Databases) and about development tools (Code Editors, Git, GitHub, Hosting, and Command Line). I actively engage in administrative tasks for the HighTechU organization.

Campus Expert | Campus Advisor | Google Certified Educator Level 1

Website UVic Course GitHub Organization

Vice President

Conseil jeunesse francophone de la Colombie-Britannique - BC Francophone Youth Council

I am actively involved with the CJFCB. I volunteer at various events and activities including the B.C. Francophone Youth Parliament, the B.C. Francophone Games, Crescendo, the LIFC, and SAGA.

I am the Vice President on the Board of Directors of the CJFCB.
I am the Youth Representative on the comité consultatif provincial (CCP) of the FFCB.
I was a Member on the table de recommandation sur le financement (TRF) of the CCP | FFCB. (2019-2020)

CJFCB Website FFCB Website

Past Experience


UVic Web Design and Development Club

I helped with social media presence (Facebook, GitHub, Slack, and Twitter). I helped with club management. I created and hosted workshops and meetings. I was involved in the organization of hackathons (HackVictoria, HackUVic, HackathingUVic, and UVic Spookathon).

Website GitHub Organization

Administrator 19-25

Conseil jeunesse francophone de la Colombie-Britannique - BC Francophone Youth Council

Representative on the Board of Directors of the CJFCB.




Adobe Creative Cloud - CSS - Git - GitHub - HTML - JavaScript

I am a frontend developer that focuses on HTML/CSS, and accessibility. I am familiar with the Adobe Creative Cloud programs and I understand how they integrate within the web development process.


Communication - Documentation - Bilingual (English and French) - Remote Work

I work remotely and engage in active communication with my coworkers and superiors. I am familiar with a variety of tools for managing time, tasks, and communication (Discord, GitHub Projects, Harvest, Slack, and Trello). I am always writing documentation to better help myself, my current coworkers, and my future coworkers. I am fluent in English and French.