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Past Experience

Lead Instructor

HighTechU - University of Victoria

I created teaching material that reflected the needs of the course and the program. I taught students how to work effectively in a team and how to successfully complete a project. I helped students learn about web development (CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and Databases) and about development tools (Code Editors, Git, GitHub, Hosting, and Command Line). I actively engaged in administrative tasks for the HighTechU organization.

Campus Expert | Campus Advisor | Google Certified Educator Level 1

Website UVic Course GitHub Organization

Vice President

Conseil jeunesse francophone de la Colombie-Britannique - BC Francophone Youth Council

I volunteered at various events and activities including the B.C. Francophone Youth Parliament, the B.C. Francophone Games, Crescendo, the LIFC, and SAGA.

Vice President on the Board of Directors of the CJFCB.
Youth Representative on the comité consultatif provincial (CCP) of the FFCB.
Member on the table de recommandation sur le financement (TRF) of the CCP | FFCB.

CJFCB Website FFCB Website


UVic Web Design and Development Club

I helped with social media presence (Facebook, GitHub, Slack, and Twitter). I helped with club management. I created and hosted workshops and meetings. I was involved in the organization of hackathons (HackVictoria, HackUVic, HackathingUVic, and UVic Spookathon).

Website GitHub Organization

Administrator 19-25

Conseil jeunesse francophone de la Colombie-Britannique - BC Francophone Youth Council

Representative on the Board of Directors of the CJFCB.




Adobe Creative Cloud - CSS - Git - GitHub - HTML - JavaScript

I am a frontend developer that focuses on HTML/CSS, and accessibility. I am familiar with the Adobe Creative Cloud programs and I understand how they integrate within the web development process.


Communication - Documentation - Bilingual (English and French) - Remote Work

I work remotely and engage in active communication with my coworkers and superiors. I am familiar with a variety of tools for managing time, tasks, and communication (Discord, GitHub Projects, Harvest, Slack, and Trello). I am always writing documentation to better help myself, my current coworkers, and my future coworkers. I am fluent in English and French.