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Work Experience

Academic Assistant (TA)

Computer Science Department - University of Victoria

  • Academic Assistant (TA) for CSC130 - World Wide Web and Mobile Applications - Summer 2023
  • Academic Assistant (TA) for CSC320 - Foundations of Computer Science - Spring 2023
  • Academic Assistant (TA) for SENG310 - Human Computer Interaction - Fall 2022
  • Academic Assistant (TA) for the Computer Science Assistance Centre - Fall 2021

Teaching Assistant Course Material

Software Developer

Ruboss Technology Corporation

  • Software Developer - Spring 2023
  • Software Developer - Fall 2022
  • Co-Op Software Developer - Summer 2022
  • Co-Op Software Developer - Spring 2022

Community Experience

Vice President

Conseil Jeunesse Francophone de la Colombie-Britannique - BC Francophone Youth Council

I volunteered at various events and activities including the B.C. Francophone Youth Parliament, the B.C. Francophone Games, Crescendo, the LIFC, and SAGA.

  • Vice President on the Board of Directors of the CJFCB
  • Administrator 19-25 Representative on the Board of Directors of the CJFCB
  • Youth Representative on the Comité Consultatif Provincial (CCP) of the FFCB
  • Member on the Table de Recommandation sur le Financement (TRF) of the CCP | FFCB



Frontend Development - HTML/CSS - Accessibility

I am an experienced frontend developer with a strong focus on HTML/CSS and a keen understanding of accessibility principles. I excel at creating user-friendly and inclusive web interfaces that deliver exceptional user experiences.

Adobe CC - CSS - Git - GitHub - HTML - JavaScript - Radix UI - React - Remix Run - Tailwind CSS - TypeScript

As a software developer, I leverage my expertise in Adobe CC, CSS, Git, GitHub, HTML, JavaScript, and React to create visually compelling and interactive web applications. I also utilize Tailwind CSS to streamline the styling process and ensure a consistent user interface. Additionally, my proficiency in TypeScript enhances the development process by providing strong type checking and improved code maintainability.


Multilingual (English, French, and Spanish) - Communication - Documentation - Remote Work

As a remote worker, I have developed strong communication and time management skills. I take pleasure in creating comprehensive documentation that outlines problem-solving processes and that shares valuable information. I am fluent in both English and French, and I have a good command of Spanish. Moreover, I am experienced in utilizing professional tools such as Discord, GitHub, Harvest, Shortcut, and Slack.